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Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 17 reviews.
★★★★★ It was a blessing being introduced to Dr. Kis and staff. Every one of the staff have been kind, compassionate, and extremely friendly. Dr. Kis' finesse has been greatly appreciated! I actually now enjoy seeing the dentist because of his competence and interest in my care. Daly City Location
★★★★★ I recently took my 25-months old daughter to Dr. Pham for her first dental exam. (He came highly recommended by Dr. Emanuel Berston, our favorite pediatrician.)

Location: Large parking lot available.
Front Desk: Friendly, knowledgable, welcoming staff, no-frills check in with the expected paperwork and efficient appointment scheduling.
Practice: Modern, spacious and very clean.
Exam Room: Three TVs under the ceiling showing kid-friendly cartoons, large Nemo-like wall mural, lots of toys and books, plenty of space to bring a sibling or grandma along.
Dr. Pham greeted us with a welcoming smile and introduced himself to his tiny patient. He patiently explained to her and me what he was going to do and how I (the parent/guardian) could assist. He gently led my daughter to the exam chair which is when she got scared. Very calmly Dr. Pham continued with his exam, constantly assuring my daughter that everything was going to be fine but that he would have to look at all of her teeth. He ended the exam with a demonstration of how I could better brush my daughter's teeth.

My daughter cried throughout the entire exam but stopped as soon as Dr. Pham was done, smiled at him and thanked him for her reward (sticker or small toy should could choose for herself).

Since our visit, my daughter says every night when it's time to brush her teeth: 'Dr. Pham. Toothpaste. Dr. Pham.' and smiles. She may have cried but she was still a happy patient.

I have already recommended Dr. Pham to two of my friends who ended up taking their kids (under 2 years old) to see him as well.

I will continue to refer Dr. Pham to all of my daughter's friends.
Daly City Location
★★★★★ I've been searching for a pediatric dental for a few months and found this place. I went there to take a look at Dr. Pham's office to see if my kids felt comfortable and if they liked the atmosphere. We came in and the ladies in the front greeted us immediately and asked if they can help us. I let them know we were there hoping to take a look at their facilities. One of the girls gave us a tour of the office and introduced us to the doctor who was with a patient, but still made an effort to smile and welcome us. My children loved it! We made an appointment and went there last Friday. Dr. Pham started our appointment by spending time talking to us and getting to know the children. It was my 2 year old's first dental appointment, who i must tell you is a screamer. He had her sit on my lap and he was across from me and we bent her over to his lap so he can work with her while i was there holding her hand. This worked wonderfully!! She did not scream or cry and was comfortable with him. That was a great sign. My son had some pictures taken of his teeth and he took so much time explaining what was happening and what we needed to do, as well as future plans for my son's teeth. He cared about their overall health and did not try to sell me on dental work they didn't need. If you need a doctor who cares, who has his own children, and who's office staff is wonderful and kind, THIS IS YOUR PLACE!! Daly City Location
★★★★★ I just want to say Dr Pham is the most patient man I've ever encountered. I was more of a wreck in the room than him. He's so gentle and great, I'm so glad we were referred to him! He restored my faith and sanity in the dentist search! We are definitely clients for the rest of my daughters childhood, regardless of where we live! Daly City Location
★★★★★ Dr. Kis and his office are wonderful. Linda is my usual hygienist and I request her by name I like her so much. She's friendly and fast without ever hurting my mouth. Dr. Kis is friendly as well, very relaxed, and will answer any questions you have (even if they're silly).

I haven't had any major dental work done there but I would trust them to do it well.

It's worth mentioning that they run approximately on time which is a refreshing change from most doctors and dentists.
Daly City Location
★★★★★ Dr. West evaluated my son's teeth in a conservative yet proactive manner. He was honest and caring. He listened to my concerns and addressed them in a language that I could understand.
For this reason I brought my younger son for orthodontics and myself for invisilign.
Kudos to his office staff for being helpful and knowledgeable; they can answer my questions and give me advice.
I don't do it often but when I have to reschedule an appointment they are very accommodating.
Broken bracket and missing retainers is the story of my life; his staff doesn't make me feel bad when we are replacing or fixing metal. Really nice.
It was important for me to find an orthodontist who listened and addressed my needs on all levels and this is what I found at this office.
Five stars and a sixth for free parking!
Daly City Location
★★★★★ Dr.Hung Pham is really great!! he is a Pediatric Dentist and he is really GOOD!! i actually just find this dental office thru Yelp and so far all of the review about this cilinic is True the dental office is Really decent, clean and looks brand new the kids office is AMAZING it has a very cute wall paper, flat screen tv on ceiling so kids can watch while they have dental works, play space for kids with toys and books i was really impressed i bring my daugther on her her demtal check up and i have no regret she love the ambiance and adopt the environment easily we cant wait to come back again

Daly City Location
★★★★★ Dr. Kis is a great dentist. He gets the job done! He's considerate, friendly, laid-back, and overall the dentist you want to see. He's on time, and you're in and out before you know it. The staff is also very friendly. Thumbs up for Dr. Kis and his office!! Daly City Location
★★★★★ Dr Kis and his staff are awesome. Everyone was friendly and very easy to talk to. They even gave me a call to see if I wanted to get one of my other appointments out of the way because they had a cancelled appointment. I will definitely recommend him to all my friends! Daly City Location
★★★★★ Like the other posters, I've been going here for 10+ years and absolutely love it. It sounds from the one dissatisfied review like there may be some communication issues to get started, but in my experience they're well worth ironing out: a good dentist is worth his or her weight in gold, and Dr. B and his whole staff are consummate professionals. They've given me flawless dental work for all these years and have always been personable and informative. Every time I hear a horror story about someone's dentist I thank the stars I lucked into this office when I did! Daly City Location
★★★★★ Great Dentist!! My teeth have never looked better. I am smiling all the time now. Thanks Dr West Daly City Location
★★★★★ Great dental office!! Staff is very friendly and professional. I have referred several family members and friends to this office. They have all had pleasant experiences. You WILL have a great experience here!! Plus, Dr Belluomini is a cutie.. Daly City Location
★★★★★ BEST DENTAL OFFICE!! I have been going to this dental office for years and Dr. Belluomini and his staff are EXTREMELY friendly and professional. They make you feel comfortable and right at home.

I have recommended this office to all of my friends!
Daly City Location
★★★★★ I've been going to Serramonte Dental since I was a little kid, and after a brief stint and a horrible dentist that overcharged and did crappy work (Yes, you Dr. Yamat of Daly City/Westlake), I'm glad to be seeing Dr. Kis again. Not really sure why my mom had us switch while I was back in high school, but I think it was an insurance network thing. I've also recommended several family members/friends to this practice. My sister (who stayed with Dr. Yamat longer than I did), goes here now too and loves it!

The front off staff is very organized and experienced. They usually remember most patients' names and are on top of your paperwork. I have never been overcharged here and the staff does great follow up with appointments and lets you know how much things are going to cost BEFORE doing the procedure. Dr. Kis and his assistants are very professional and use the most updated methods, while making sure you are comfortable and informed.
Daly City Location
★★★★★ Dr. Hung Pham is excellent! We were referred to him because my daughter needed some dental work done and he was really professional. He was very kind & patient and took the time to answer all of my questions. He didn't try to rush our discussion like most doctors / dentists usually do. He was even willing to work with me on a fee not covered by my insurance that I couldn't afford due to a financial hardship. Another thing that impressed me is that Dr. Pham called me a few hours after our visit to follow-up on my daughter.

The facilities appear to be really clean and up-to-date technology-wise. The forms I filled out as a new patient were promptly scanned into their database.

Every staff member that assisted us (the woman who took my daughter's x-rays & Julie, who discussed our insurance payment) were also very friendly and incredibly helpful.

I highly recommend Dr. Pham to anyone who needs a pediatric dentist.
Daly City Location
★★★★★ Went to the dentist after 15 years, as you can realize, I don't like the dentist very much and finally had to go to make sure my teeth are okay and all I can say that Dr. John Kis was awesome. His staff was amazing also. My appt. was at 2:30 and since I was a new patient I had to fill out the paperwork but once I was done, I was called in immediately. Dr. Kis's assistant was very nice and professional and made me feel real comfortable. I finally saw Dr. Kis and let me say, he was very informative and pleasant. He was working on my teeth while telling me exactly what he was doing and what he was saying to his assistant. He made me comfortable which is huge for me. I am definitely going back and i have another appt. to come do a deep teeth cleaning. If you don't believe me, come and experience his work for yourself. Thank you Dr. Kis. Daly City Location
★★★★★ Awesome guy. Very kind and laid back. He is always on time, gentle and has a great sense of humor. His staff are friendly and are great about getting me appointments that fit my busy schedule. Daly City Location
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